The Truce Project


On Dec 21st 2012, a galactic alignment will occur coincident with Perihelion, our closest approach to the sun. This may mark the most significant gravitational moment on Earth in the last 65,000 years...

Something may happen to us that has never happened before. I know not what that is; though many possibilities have been put forth.

I am more concerned about what has been happening to us over the past few decades, as cultures, and as a species. By whatever path of coincidence one chooses to believe, this cosmic event and our self induced conflicts appear to be climaxing at nearly the same moment.

If we hope to attenuate our part of this dance towards devastation, I believe something has to happen that has never happened before: That being an attempt to cooperate on a planet wide scale: A truce before war explodes upon us all.

A TRUCE: between the left and the right, between democrats and republicans; between the rich and the not rich; between Sunnis and Shiites, the Hatfields and the McCoys; between every human enemy and adversary; whether we have forgotten why we don't get along, or if the 'reasons' are still fresh in our minds. - A Truce long enough to assess our collective situation on Earth. –

Then we could consciously decide if we should just try to kill each other, or decide not to try to kill each other. – "I have seen the enemy, and he is me..."



"Politics is Obviously Not The Answer: Anarchy is not the answer. A divided nation is not the answer: – The Answer is a Vigorous Cooperation and Regenerative Economics. – By the people, and For the people. There are a million nuances, but only one path (A Conservation-Based Economy) that might save us from ourselves... This is perhaps as factual as gravity... and just a miracle away"... – E.M.


I am among those who might teach Regenerative Economics, and facilitate Cooperative Problem Solving Experiments. But nobody's knocking down my door to do either of those, so we're employing the universal language of music as the best way to try to get these messages out:

- This 'show' is already Live, and ready to go on the road...


There are several related papers, audio streams and short videos at for those with the time and inclination. – To summarize those: We have engineered our way through space, and the inner space of nano-technology. - I believe we have the ability, and the knowledge to Engineer an Economy that is geared for the long-term.. – For that to happen soon, the super- wealthy and a majority of the Investment Community would need to feel inspired to invest for the long term... – That inspiration is all around us: Resource depletion, countries around the world in economic crisis, escalating violence across the globe and here in the US, and the ongoing volatility and unpredictability of 'natural disasters'... "The Earth is Speaking; We Just have to Listen."

One of my sincere hopes (which most curmudgeons and 'realists' think will never happen) is to meet with API (The American Petroleum Institute) to discuss the possibilities of their partnership in a long-term Regenerative Economy... {I am well aware that the odds of our 'succeeding' are small. Of course, if we don't try something, the odds of success are zero...}

I'll take this moment to address those wondering if I should, or could simply be dismissed as some idealist, academic prognosticator. – As well as those interested in my viability as someone who might help facilitate the advent of a Regenerative Economy. - And the hope that comes with people working together towards something they can believe in:

While I do have a BS in physics and make most of my living tutoring physics and math; I've taught high school physics and chemistry, subbed every subject across 35 different schools, and conducted over 20 years of independent research (Impacts on the Environment due to Human Expansion and Economics.). At age 18, starting as a 'bouncer' at rock concerts, I worked my way up to become manpower coordinator for the largest security and crowd management company in the Midwest; the hands-on construction supervisor for the completion of a 300-ton Neutrino Detector at a government laboratory; energy inspector and general contractor, and producer of 7 music albums and several short films, etc, etc... - Somewhere in my piles of life on paper is a letter of accommodation from an ex-marine security chief to me and my crew for our critical role in the crowd management and security for the Woodstock 94' Festival... etc...

In short, my life has been a research project with, perhaps, the right balance of science, art and project management to help this country begin the conversations that can lead to unencumbered problem solving, and a Regenerative Economy for the United States; in concert with the rest of the sentient world...

Join or support us if you can.

Good luck to all of us,


PS. – A personal note to the super wealthy of this world:

I sincerely invite anyone to contact me. I don't want your money. I just think you all can help make this kind of thing a reality far faster than we can possibly achieve without you. – I have no interest in vilifying the rich, class warfare, or anything else that divides us. – Nor in endangering my son's father. - We are where we are now; and we are all becoming aware that only a comprehensive approach can enable our species the chance to survive, sanely, into the future. If you care about your kids, your grandkids, anything or anyone that is indigenous to this earth, please contact me. If you are concerned about your wealth, I believe investing in a new Conservation-Based Economy is the best way to maintain that as well, regardless of the nature of your current investments. It can all start with a conversation... "What is happening on Earth now is nobody's fault and it's everybody's fault. – It's nobody's responsibility and it's everybody's responsibility" - E.M. - Truce

Jordan Macarus

Art and Science in Concert

Facilitator for Cooperative Problem Solving Experiments

Self Proclaimed Regenerative Economist and Practitioner

BS Physics