Mission Statement


“Making the Earth Greener One Video at a Time”


Our mission is to present concepts to fundamentally alter the way mankind measures and accumulates economic value and worth. We believe the current oil and consumption-based systems should be realigned with an approach that values human and earth sustainability as core considerations. We believe that the avoidance of such radical rethinking can only lead to a future of unimaginable difficulties in the days and years to come. Our organization commits itself to spreading these messages and collaborating with all who want to work towards a brighter, saner future.


Most of the short videos are humorous and good-natured films observing animal antics and curious human behavior. There are also many interviews with green innovators, entrepreneurs, scientists and conservation practitioners.

The longer films and rants discuss ecological, economic and human issues; with an increasing focus on solutions, such as Regenerative Economics and Cooperative Problem Solving Experiments.

One can randomly perambulate through the site and experience whatever appears around the next bend, or consult the sitemap below for a few specifics. We hope you enjoy your stay here, and return to see what continues to develop.

We are becoming increasingly connected to the universe of the environmentally conscious. We welcome your ideas and inspiration. -