- After he sent me that list, I asked him about the jobs they created and stimulated. He said that I already knew most of the jobs that would be needed. … - I’d thought about this kind of thing before, - (the idea of sustainable jobs), so I took a moment to reflect; and a list just streamed out in front of my eyes. It was enormous...


 There are many more jobs in this kind of economy than there are now. Way more:  Carpenters, plumbers, electricians, rehabbers, teachers, mechanics, bicycle makers, repairmen, energy inspectors, engineers, technicians, organic farmers, gardeners, soil conservationists,


 (Solar, wind and geothermal technicians, engineers and designers, Nuclear technicians and engineers, computer technicians, electrical and mechanical engineers, insulation and ventilation installers, low voltage technicians, crawl space and basement rehabbers, quality control specialists and efficiency managers, health care providers, mold inspectors and remediation technicians, water and waste treatment engineers and technicians, desalination technicians, biologists, geologists, physicists, police, military personnel, peer mediators, sustainable chefs, nutritionists, farm labor, arborists, tree labor, soil mitigation technicians, oil spill mitigation technicians, chemists, invasive species technicians and labor, non-chemical mosquito abatement labor, gardening labor, traffic light technicians and controllers, researchers, data gathering technicians, surveyors, psychologists, pathologists, organic clothing manufacturers, building material recyclers, foam recyclers, firemen, journalists, low and no-fuel local delivery teams, off-grid consultants, community organizers, administrators, legislators, code enforcement and assistance, sustainability coordinators, etc... - the list just keeps going on …)


 The point is, we could put many more people to work. Many more people with their hands in the ground, doing some of the jobs that were done with engines or machines, but now it’s far more cost effective to have people doing these things.


A modern economy is largely an illusion that we've bought into. - A much more sustainable illusion is possible.  And until we try, we have no idea of what we're really capable of.

The next radio cast will conclude the message that was conveyed to me. 



 Is This a Dream