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Prophecy from Sustainable USA:


Over the last decade, millions of people predicted the troubles the US was headed for if we did not change our economic philosophy and curtail the runaway collusion between wealthy manipulators, the government and the media. We've been saying some of the same things for years now. - Things have changed quite a bit lately. The world has changed; and it happened faster than we thought it would…


The reason for reprinting some of these excerpts is just the hope that more people will realize their shared fate, and see through the illusions of politics and the media. By looking back at some predictions and events from a few years ago, it might help to see how we got here, and what we might try next. My other 'insane' hope is that those with enormous wealth will learn the same lessons that we do, about life on earth, and thus allow for a truce. – A truce that could lead us to a partnership, developing a Regenerative Economy that could sustain their wealth, while elevating this country and its people.


Sustainable USA Excerpts: These include a 2006 prediction re: the collapse of the US Economy, and the increasing agitation of its people. 2008: - notes on political corruption, the power and importance of the 1%, some hopes, warnings and ideas. and March of 2009:Some warnings, more economics with reminders of how we got here, a prelude to a stimulus package, theory, hopes and ideas…


What is an Economy?pub. march 2006


"… Runaway Free Enterprise Capitalism is what we currently have in the USA. At this stage, people with a lot of money (capital assets) can control markets, supply, and market values. There are many ways they can do this; some legal, some not… Much of this economy is no longer based on the basic needs (food, water, shelter), but rather on how much the markets will bear and how gullible the populace is. Essentially, everyone tries to make as much money as possible till consumers can no longer afford to pay the going rates. This leads ultimately to a point where a very small percentage of the population controls nearly all the wealth and the system will begin to collapse.


…We cannot simply tear down the existing economic structure (regardless of how destructive it is).We have to create a new economic model and then, carefully, transition to the new economy. … First, we have to agree as a nation that this is what we choose to do. Then we just need to be smart and patient. Logic is all we really need in a real-valued economy. The new structure (should be) based on maintaining a quality water supply and pursuing true sustainability."



Why Now?pub. march 2006


"Now is a good time.


Every day there is a not-insignificant quantum shift in the lower levels of the food chain. Microorganisms are being selected for extinction and mutation, leaving higher life forms (like humans) more and more vulnerable to disease and infection (i.e.: Avian Flu, West Nile Virus, SARS, - these are only the beginning.) Every study I have seen on ecological carrying capacity has the sustainable human capacity level around 2 billion. We’ve just screeched past 6.5 billion and are still climbing. The horizontal asymptote, the maximum capacity for Homo sapiens, is the wall that we are headed for. Ecologically speaking, “The Day After Tomorrow” was yesterday.


We no longer have the luxury of pondering whether global warming is happening or not. Or if the heat production of the industrialized nations combined with deforestation of the rain forests, are affecting climate change and global oxygen levels. The fact is we cannot be absolutely certain of any of these things without a second Earth to sacrifice in the name of scientific research, 'conservatism', or “good old-fashioned cynicism”.


We do know that what we do matters. - On the national economic front we lose a few more jobs each day to outsourcing, attrition, market brokering (greed), etc.


We all know that it will take some time to shift over to different economic machinery, but if we do not start soon, it will not matter. It is Time for some kind of Intelligent Revolution. If not, our present course will have us at war with many other nations, peoples, neighbors, friends, rush-hour drivers, etc. I do not know what you feel from your daily life, your social spheres, and your life history to this point; but in my regular interactions with the working poor, teenagers, addicts, and the comfortable middle class, I feel the hate and distrust rising. Without a substantial course correction, the gun-toting territorialism and looting witnessed in the wake of Hurricane Katrina will just seep into the daily life of many Americans."


Living in the Matrix2006

"All our kids are being born into the matrix of problems that expands every day we fail to address the two underlying problems: Human Population Levels and Sustainability.


War, disease, corruption, greed, terrorism, homelessness, unemployment, climate change, etc… None of these problems will go away. They will only get worse until we focus the bulk of our energy towards solving the two major issues of our time. Period.

Think about it… As a country, (and as individuals) we do have to deal with daily issues… However, to get “lost” in any of these surface issues (like politics ) is insanity ( and is equivalent to 'getting lost in the matrix'). We need to keep our focus on solving the underlying causes, rather than perpetually treating the symptoms. We cannot cure infectious diseases with band-aids.


Human population levels are driving us rapidly into realms of unprecedented biological pressure. (Stress)


A Sustainable Society by definition uses (all its natural resources) no faster than they can regenerate.


…An economy focused on sustainability has an abundance of job opportunities,(see jobs at enviromonster) and (can) give us hope for the future. The resources for sustainability are vast. There are many among us who understand how to create sustainable homes, and how to expand that idea to larger and larger communities. Perhaps you are one of those people. All we have to do is join together to move this country in the right direction."



How deep does the rabbit hole really go?July 2008

"Every time I dig for the truth I realize that the controlling economic forces are far more omnipresent, insidious and unaccountable than I can truly comprehend. Those that have been thoroughly corrupted by power and greed have become blind to the connected nature of all life on Earth. There are synaptic pathways in their brains that may never again be accessible. Still, I'm praying for them to wake up to their own "Scrooge Moment" and, like it was Christmas morning, shift all their resources towards (a regenerative future.)


…In 1996, in response to California Clean Air Legislation, fully electric cars were on the road in California with the supportive infrastructure initiated. The Bush administration, along with the oil companies and car manufacturers, sued the state of California. All those electric cars have been recalled and subsequently crushed. - The technologies supported by this administration, Ethanol and Hydrogen Fuel Cell Cars, are slight of hand tricks to keep the profits in the hands of the (energy) companies. Increased corn-based ethanol production is very unsound environmentally and economically. And the hydrogen fuel-cell cars may never really arrive; and they may never surpass the fully electric cars produced in 1996, in terms of overall environmental footprint. The Japanese Water (HHO) Car may be a leap in the right direction.- Regardless, conservation is by far, the #1 priority of any rational energy policy. That should be repeated, conservation is the #1 priority of any rational energy policy


What I believe it will take to rescue the United States economy …is a "New Deal for the 21st Century". Instead of retrofitting auto factories for tank production, we (should) be retrofitting our entire infrastructure (towards) a sustainable, environmentally-based infrastructure. … Once this begins it (would) be remarkably easy to assimilate. The intellectual resources in this country are vast and comprehensive in this regard: Environmental-Economic "Monsters", Lester Brown and William McDonough just for starters.

We will also need a new approach to justice. As more and more information regarding the usurpation of the US resources and reputation for private gain surfaces, we (should) hold our current President, Vice President, House Speaker, several corporations and many co-conspirators accountable. (But) we need to innovate here. - Throughout history when the "good guys" have ousted the "bad guys", the good guys have turned into the bad guys. - If you have to become evil to fight evil, then evil wins… - remember that any of us might have succumbed to the trappings of enormous wealth and the illusions of "power".

… None of us really knows the whole truth of anything. Period."


October 2008

Letter to John Obama and Barack McCain

"Unless someone rises like Jesus or Einstein one of you will become President of the United States…… Very few people, if any, have the strength of character to withstand the onslaught of the insidious campaigns financed by the Faceless Left and the Faceless Right…. and you puppeteers behind the dark curtains, wealthy beyond all common understanding, you need to stop… - You need to help us turn this ship with all possible haste. You need to realize that most of the systems that have kept you wealthy are finally destroying The Everything. It's nobody's fault and it's everybody's fault. It's nobody's responsibility and it's everybody's responsibility. All of us together under the same sun; maybe we can really do what really needs to be done…" (Video Link)

Hopes for the Next President

(Platform and Candidate Endorsement)

"After all the debates and rhetoric to this point, I believe that one major party's team is a guarantee for disaster. The other team, though also lacking a strong scientific and ecological foundation, may still help us bridge to the future. They will most definitely need the constant input and influence of the many who are dedicated to creating a sustainable future for our children…

Simply, I have long felt that John McCain was a better than average senator; however, he has (exhibited) no understanding of the dangers posed by human population levels, which from my perspective, disqualifies him. His running mate has no understanding of the importance of conserving natural resources, including air and fresh water, thereby disqualifying her. (from a sustainability perspective)

If Obama can be influenced by people like Lester Brown, William McDonough, Jimmy Carter and us, then we (may) have a much better chance of facing the real issues that threaten the survival of the human species."

(Possible) Platform:

"Establish Sustainability as a Destination: If the goal of our society is to consume natural resources at rates no greater than they can regenerate, then our infrastructure development, educational and foreign policy (could) have a commonality of purpose. We could once again be a nation with a real mission. With a clear destination, we can plot a viable course to get there. Without a clear destination; no matter how well intentioned, the US government will continue to put band aids on dinosaurs, and this economy will crash down under its own weight again—meaning that the amount of money and resource that is extracted from the system by the top 1% of the population will continue to be invested unsustainably at the expense of the American workers. In short, they've been taking our money and wasting most of it.

Regarding sustainable infrastructure: Every individual and industry (should) take the time to consider their place in a sustainable society. Jobs pertaining to the essentials of life: food, water, shelter, health and connection, should have real value and staying power. Organic farming and soil conservation at all production levels (should) be areas of enormous growth. Also, all forms of alternative energy and the conservation industry (should) flourish. Many of the pursuits of the Dinosaur, greed-based, economy have been completely useless or counterproductive. We need to shift over to jobs that are good for the environment and public health, or at least those that do not threaten environmental health more than is necessary. If we're going to use any band aids on the fossil fuel dinosaurs, it should not be the mythological clean coal or the equally heavily promoted, environmentally friendly, off shore drilling. It might be the Breeder Reactor (or Recycling Reactor). We hope to do a short film soon, looking for the present realities of coal, oil, nuclear, wind, solar, geothermal. My personal belief is that …we can, and will, transform normal consumption and waste levels to a normal we can live with."


March 31, 2009

Where I come from:

"In 1987 I began researching the impact on the environment due to economics and human expansion. My background is in physics, (civilian crowd management) and art, so I try to resolve things to their simplest elements. After nearly twenty years, my conclusion was that humans have only two Real Problems to solve. All other issues; including war, poverty, corruption, violence, disease, etc... will continue to escalate till we face head-on: Sustainability, and Human Population levels.


There are many of us who have tried to sound the alarms regarding economics, population, and pivotal environmental concerns. Anyone who has tried to help awaken others to these sensitive situations has been branded an "alarmist" by opposing forces. - Most of us are not crying wolf; though now, many vital messages have gone unheeded due to a label that is largely a misnomer. There are those who have raised alarms for money, 'power' or vanity. I am not one of those.


Letter to the right, and to the left:

(Aside to the extreme right wing of America) If you want Obama to fail, he will. And when (his presidency) fails, the country will fail. – It is time to face the reality that this is no longer a game. The puppeteers have rolled all the dice, played all the cards. There are no cards left in the deck.


What does it mean to have a failed state?

- It means that the government is no longer capable of providing for the safety and welfare of its people. In this era of high stress, disconnected peoples, and easy access to weapons, you can do the math. Or better, ask someone who’s done a tour of duty in the more intense regions of Iraq, Afghanistan, Sudan, Darfur, Pakistan… or right now our neighbor to the south, Mexico. The way I see it, we have very little time to try to work together to stabilize this country. If we can help Mexico stabilize it might help all of North and South America.


Further, Anyone who believes they can continue to make a profit at the expense of someone else needs to think differently. The “extra” money, and credit, that was floating around in the middle class is nowhere near what it was 8 months ago. That means there is very little left that can be extracted by “exploitation” of the middle class.


I maintain hope for the Obama administration and for the future, though at times that seems completely irrational. - About three years ago, I started saying I didn’t think we could survive to the, non-impeached, end of the Bush / Cheney Presidency. It depends on your definition of “survival” (and of "inertia") whether we have or have not…I believe he (Obama), and we, need to make truly bold steps (some of which he outlined during his campaign) if we are to really “survive” and help the world towards a sane, sustainable existence.


Two of the obvious areas where Obama has been unable to overcome inertia are 1.The failure to functionally increase taxes on the extremely wealthy and 2.The failure to extricate coal as a primary source of energy. Both of these interests are capable of getting what they want, regardless of the cost to US citizens and the rest of the world. Currently, “Clean Coal” and its opponents are spending hundreds of millions on commercials trying to persuade us to their perspectives. If we were truly acting as a “United” States, we would not be wasting all that money. We would be using it towards solutions instead. Personally, I believe Clean Coal to be a myth; however, since stimulus money has already been committed, then I say – give it your best shot. Just be rational and impartial about the results. I’m sure we can make it a little cleaner; however, I don’t think we should be investing our future resources, time and energy into this 20th century dinosaur. We need to move on...


A core element of our energy and environmental policy should be getting us and the world off coal (as much as possible. - Some details in Environomics 101)1 As regards fair taxation of the very wealthy, it has come to this: If the premier capitalists wish to save capitalism itself, then they should impose limits on themselves. This country is in a very perilous position. Those possessing enormous wealth and resource have the ability to help us all. If they choose not to, then we have to either 1. Pry it from their cold dead hands (just kidding…) or 2. Devise a new economic system that doesn’t use any ‘old’ currency. – Neither of these seems easily implemented; although, the latter, if achieved, could be the key to the future. If we’ve ever needed another Einstein it is now, and it is in the art and science of “New Economics”. – None of the old guard; as smart as they are, can see from outside their own bubbles. - The entrenched multinational "Monopoly" players continue to impede and disrupt the process of essential change. We need to give them a new game to play…




- Now back to the present (11-11): One possible course is to completely ignore what is said by every politician, every major media news person and talking head, and also their advertisers. Pause and look inside yourself. If we stop listening to those people, they may finally start listening to us... (And the few 'honest' politicians may finally rise to the surface) We can work to create and support honest, regenerative efforts at home, in our communities, across the US and the world. After a while we might start to see possibilities we did not know existed. (The Occupy Movements are developing cooperative methodologies as I write this.) We, of the working class, may have to support each other in cooperative homes, or tent cities for a while... - We can stop wasting energy, water and money, and we can stop buying into all the BS that 'They' have been selling us. And we can start growing chemical-free, green plants wherever they can take hold. - "If I can change, the whole world can change."


-you can also reference the more recent (2011) notions at Enviromonster.com

peace and good luck to all of us…





1. Environomics 101 / Stimulus Notes:(March 31, 2009)

Virtually all the financial institutions were heavily invested into the housing market. (As well as derivatives, day-trading and insider trading schemes) Some people bought over their heads, and many marketeers looked the other way because they had so many different ways to make money as the price bubble just kept inflating. Wall Street and the banks were operating like Las Vegas. They were all trading ‘paper’ and driving the prices higher and higher (like pyramid schemes, as long as there’s a buyer on the far end, there’s money to be made and the pyramid grows) till we started to hit the inevitable wall. People began to lose their jobs, primarily, due to “free trade” agreements and the fact that we haven’t had near enough focus on the essentials: food, water and shelter. Lost jobs led to foreclosures and diminishing revenues for many businesses, leading to more lost jobs and foreclosures. Housing prices fell, which was good only for those few who were truly in a stable position to buy. Anyone who needed, or was counting on, selling a house for a “fair” market price, almost overnight, lost up to 50% of their home’s value while still holding a note for the escalated price they had committed. And, of course, many were already just barely making or barely missing their mortgage payments. - A dip in these incomes and more foreclosures. And the dominoes are falling. The banks and all the investors that had been trading paper were suddenly stuck holding onto much thinner air. Like playing musical chairs, but when the music stopped, there were a lot of chairs missing, not just one…But whose money was really lost??


Economic policy, environmentalism, energy policy and politics have all been woven together into an inseparable fabric. Most in the news media talk about “The Economy” as though it were something real or tangible. What is it really? Since the 1950s our economy has drifted into the land of illusion…



– Notes on Supply Side Economics – Two things: 1. Supply is created in anticipation of demand, and 2. “If you build it they will come”, which came to mean that if you had enough capital to promote the heck out of a product, you could “create” a market for it. This was done to the extent that we ultimately became products ourselves of market manipulation. Largely, goods and services were not created to serve public needs; rather, goods were created, and the idea that we needed them was what was sold to us. To survive, we do not NEED digital plasma TVs, super-charged SUVs, drive-through saturated fats, face lifts, liposuction, implants, designer clothes, 8,000 square foot homes with perfectly groomed chemical lawns, 10 million dollar athletes on steroids selling Viagra, multimillion dollar bonuses for the CEOs of failing companies, nor the 24 hour entertainment-news cycle. And we don’t need any politician, whose campaigns we’ve indirectly financed, lying to us while they trade our freedoms for favors from the lobbyists who represent faceless corporations trying to rule the world by selling us a bunch of crap that we do not need! - I could go on all day…


What we do need is a new economic matrix that is founded, primarily, on the essentials of life: food, water, shelter, some form of health care and connection. And the essential goods and services that we provide should be valued in such a way that what one person does could be traded for something of value that someone else does. Further, we are up to our solar plexus in a world wide ecological crisis. Some of you may not believe this; however, irrespective of what you choose to believe about the degree and cause of Earth’s temperature fluctuations, scientists around the globe are in agreement that we have crossed into very fragile territory regarding the pollution and toxification of the air, land and water systems. There is widespread consensus and concern regarding fresh water and resource depletion, eco-system degradation, habitat destruction and species extinctions. In short, even if “global warming” has no impact whatsoever, the habitability of Earth for humans is on the verge of crossing the point of no return.


Now if you think the Earth is simply enormous with an endless supply of fresh water and minerals and that the atmosphere is large enough to absorb any amount of pollution; you would be very wrong in both assumptions. The human population is depleting resources across the board at rates far in excess of the Earth’s ability to regenerate those resources. And the atmosphere, while expansive, is not able to completely filter out our daily waste products; meaning that every day the air gets just a little less breathable. To compound that, the human population is currently increasing by over 1 million people every five days. For some reference, this rate which we’ve been applying for over fifty years is about (400 times what it was just four centuries ago…)


If this information is new for you, I would simply tell you that I believe it is beyond human capability to grasp the full impact of what this means. To make it even simpler; the evidence clearly suggests that if we do not create, with all possible haste, a sustainable economic structure that we can share with the world, while also addressing world population concerns, only a miracle will save us from our own ignorance and stupidity.


So what do we do now? – If you were the leader of the diminishing free world, what would you do?"




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