Rants & Reasons

Dr. Paul,                                           (Sent to Ron Paul 1-6-12)

The odds of you reading this are maybe 50,000 to 1. Nonetheless, having been inspired by your honesty, integrity and fortitude, try I am... I consider you to be the most honest and probably the smartest of all who are and will be running for president.

You know far more than most about government and finance, and the history of US and global economies, and also about pursuing, becoming and being a medical doctor; add to that a US Representative, and your faith... You have studied these things, researched and experienced them. You could teach me many things that I may not know, or do not understand.

For decades I have studied, researched and experienced the impact on the habitable earth-environment due to human expansion and economics. I am rooted in Classical Physics, Thermodynamics, Relativity and the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle, and my faith... I believe there are correlations you may be unaware of.

I admire your constitutional and libertarian stance on government and life in general. I also believe that the current 'Free Market' will not, and cannot save us from ourselves. If we humans, or even just Americans could agree to reset the board, such that our value structure could be more firmly grounded on the earth-based elements that sustain life; then the Free Market might function to the benefit of all. – 'It' is clearly not functioning that way now. This 'Economy' is literally consuming itself, as it continually depletes the resource base, pollutes more than it mitigates, trades jobs for private profit, and shows very little inclination towards self-correction.1

Taking an analytical look at consumption, pollution and population curves should render "The Business Cycle" obsolete, or at least highly misleading, because it appears these cycles do not factor in the substantial effects of population increase, resource depletion, nor of human habitat destruction. – This business concept should perhaps be used for historical purposes only. This is no longer a cycle. It is a spiral, and it is not spiraling upward. I feel certain that anyone using the phrases, "grow this economy" or "grow our way out of this" is speaking without thinking. We can grow a new economy once we've answered "What, Where, How, and Why we should be making what we need. We are approaching more than one asymptote; which means that change is upon us. Among the good news is that we have, with some frequency, acted well through other adversity...2

Looking at the world through this lens, the only 'True Fiscal Conservatives' I can see are those who have recognized that the fiscally responsible thing to do is, and has been, to build a conservation-based economy designed to regenerate the resource base which could then support a healthy, sustainable economy. - - This is the underlying theme for Regenerative Economics. And it is this idea along with some related information that I would like to help bring to your attention.

Just consider that in your lifetime the world population has more than tripled. Approximately three fourths of human population growth has occurred over the last 95 years. It took thousands of years for the first 25 percent to accrue. (Over the next 24 hours we will add more people to the Earth than we did in a full year, less than five centuries ago) As a medical doctor you should recognize the similarity of this growth curve to that of bacteria in a Petri dish. - And I do not believe there is a person on Earth who can accurately assess the web of stresses that puts on our ability to think rationally...

Nonetheless, Dr. Paul, like you I am an optimist; willing to work hard enough to be a realist. In these extraordinary times, it will take extraordinary effort and extraordinary luck...

Most of your colleagues have simply become middle men for the puppeteers who pull the strings of this economy and force the hands in the international game of Risk. I believe there should be a truce between the puppeteers and representatives of the working class. If an honest man, such as you becomes the next president, perhaps you could orchestrate such a truce to help reset the playing field for the free market of the 21st Century. – Otherwise I think that innovation, courage and leadership must come from outside of government. War is no longer the answer. –You are the only candidate I'm aware of who seems to believe this. If we do not learn to cooperate and value the things that are good for all of us, then we will get where we're going. – Anyone not too insulated from human reality knows where that is...

"Problems cannot be solved by the level of awareness that created them" A. E.

I am humbly at your service to help in any way I can to help wake Americans from our delusions, to try to 'deal with reality'...

Peace. Good luck to you, and to all of us,

Jordan Macarus

1. - Although there are many highly conscious, forward-thinking individuals and entrepreneurs whose work and courage might further benefit humanity if we can achieve sentience on a larger scale...

2. Other good news: Our combined technological and intellectual capabilities are enormous. - We need only prove that intelligence is possible on a large scale...


Post Script:

I believe it is critical for states and municipalities to have enough latitude to support local Regenerative (or Sustainable) Experiments. I am just one among millions across the world trying to assist such initiatives. The following proposal (generalized for EnviroMonster publication) is being considered at a local college:


For the past few years, I have been advocating Regenerative Economics and Cooperative Problem Solving Experiments as possible means to help transition local and large-scale economies towards a sustainable path. I am proposing a project for several unincorporated acres that could be a working model of Regenerative Economics, as well as a research and development site for many related projects. A local conservation foundation and a group of forward-thinking investors are eager to see what educational partnerships might be established to take this idea from possibility to plausibility to reality. Because of its integrity and capabilities, (this college) seems the most logical institution to partner with in the region. I am writing to you in hopes of setting up a meeting by early 2012. 

I refer to myself as a Sustainability Coordinator. I have taught physics and chemistry, performed energy inspections, worked at a government lab, manpower coordinator for, perhaps, the largest security and crowd management company in the Midwest, managed a few other projects, and have written several articles related to Conservation-Based Economics. What follows is the current proposal outline.

Local Regenerative Economics Experiment:   (updated December 2011)

... If this property could be obtained, the idea is to bring together soil conservationists, horticulturists, solar and wind technicians, other applied sciences and 21st century business concepts to establish a project that develops and applies regenerative-economics philosophies and methodologies. The intention is also to achieve long-term economic viability here.

The basics: An organic farming and renewable energy project. – With an experimental focus on Cooperative Problem Solving, Water and Soil Regeneration, and Job Creation.

Land Use:

Perhaps one or two windmills, in conjunction with many solar panels to supply electricity for operations at the site, as well as excess energy fed back into the grid. (The goal is to generate more electricity than we use)

Organic gardening and horticulture experiments, connected to long-term water and soil conservation.

Ergonomic Green House for year-round horticulture.

The development of related energy and economics projects, i.e.:  bicycle-powered generators, local delivery systems, residential and commercial energy and water conservation, indoor and outdoor gardening, etc...

Any solar panels, windmills etc... should be built with as much local participation as possible. – Could include: Assembly, design, building materials, etc… - And the ecological footprint for all projects should be assessed for entire production threads; from the mining and transportation of materials through manufacturing, installation, operation and maintenance. – The goal is not 'perfection', rather to do the best we can, document what we do, and learn what is possible along the way.

The intention is to approach every job for this project using cooperative methods, and minimize the amount of energy and resource required. (This includes work scheduling and transportation of participants, as well as all the work itself) – The overall energy / resource, pollution, and human participation values can determine which tasks warrant 'power tools'. (Philosophically; ‘just because we can, does not mean that we should…’) Part of the economic emphasis is to employ, or involve as many people as possible, while maintaining efficiency of operations and resources.

"A modern economy is largely an illusion we've bought into. A better illusion is possible."