Rants & Reasons



A list of potential topics for Cooperative Problem Solving Experiments:

 - The order these appear in has not been prioritized -


1. What Jobs do you think we should be doing in America?

2.  Criteria for fixing, rebuilding, replacing, or retiring bridges, roads, rails and other transportation related infrastructure…

3.  Educational priorities; and criteria for fixing, rebuilding, replacing, or retiring schools…

4.  Fresh Water is perhaps the most important commodity on Earth. What might be the value structure for a Water-Based Economy, and how might that be implemented??

5. How the United States might create opportunities for community-sustainability experiments, while still accounting for statewide, national and international resource stability...

6. If there were Schools for Planetary Maintenance, (Or Environmental Regeneration) what could be the mission statements and the curriculum?

7. Rebooting the Global Economy, as a thought experiment...

8. Demystifying and Defining Terms related to “The Environment”.   

9.  Demystifying and Defining Terms related to Sociological and Political Ideologies. (Which terms in this category should be retired for good?)

10.  Human Population Levels: Data, Concerns, and Ideas for Sustainability.

11.  What could, or should, be role of the stock market in a sustainable or regenerative economy?

12.  If we were to implement progressive consumption and pollution taxes, what empirical formulas might work, to have both a positive effect, and be reasonably easy to implement without a large paperwork or red tape load? 

13. As if it were up to us to draft legislation designed to help our congressmen and women to be honest and functional in a forward thinking economy…

 14. How might we ‘educate’ and entice the wealthiest Americans to participate in an effort to revitalize America and the rest of the world?


Last question for the moment:

- How would you define the word, “politician”? – If tomorrow all politicians woke up with the inclination to adopt and aspire to your definition… -  What is your ideal politician definition? -


That’s enough for a semester course,

- I would love to teach or just participate in a course like this. It merges philosophy with civics, economics, logic, logistics, communication and life on Earth…