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Honesty VS Dishonesty

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Coal miners are probably not dishonest, but their masters are. Oil Riggers need not be dishonest, but their masters are. Pharmaceuticalists may even be honest, but their masters are not. The majority of soldiers and engineers must surely be honest, but many of their masters are driven by profits from the dishonesty woven into the military industrial complex. Most 'visible' journalists would prefer to be honest, but their masters are clearly not. What forms of dishonesty exist in the enormous financial and insurance industries? And how far off the scale is the dishonesty in government? What have been the consequences of all this dishonesty?


We have pushed this envelope too far. We all kind of followed the money wherever it was leading us. Maybe Money became our Master?


It led us to this place, where our economic system is winding down. - Many of the "good" jobs have been systematically disappearing. And we've already consumed most of the quality, essential resources. - Which tends to drive up the price of all the essential resources.    "Lovely...   


 If we infuse a large economic structure with flowing streams of dishonesty, is it like inflating a giant hot air balloon towards its breaking point?  When a monetary balloon breaks, it may be because all the extra money that inflated into the system, only existed to pay for the dishonesty.


Dishonesty became like a tangible element feeding into, and feeding off of the economy.  But now, just as more and more of the honest people are getting laid off, the dishonest minority is actually swallowing up the largest profits ever...  How can that re-balance??  Somehow we just have to let the dishonesty go... - Whether any of us are in some majority or minority;  there is some dishonesty in and on all of us...  Ouch..


If anywhere, large scale or small, we build a functional economy, we just have to leave out the dishonesty, and it should work.  And it should work for a good, long while...


 - Good ideas wanted -


god bless OWS with Zen, some warmth, and money for pizza...

What It Is?




 I confess I do not understand exactly what the problem is. But I do believe this underscores a more fundamental issue.



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If I Told the Truth

(Another Opinion?...)


What is the truth? – Or the simplest way I can put this? There are many truths, but I think I'll start with this one: The politicians of both parties have killed the economy and the jobs. And they did it on purpose. – Well, the republicans did it, with the assistance of the democrats, or 'the foils' as they are referred to in the theatre. And together they did it on purpose. This has, of course, culminated over a long period of time, but some of the worst behavior may be going on right now.


Never before in my lifetime have I heard congressmen and senators state openly that "our top priority is to make sure this president is a one term president", or 'we will block everything he tries to pass.' They implied they were willing to let the economy crash and unemployment escalate just to get the Whitehouse back. They have accomplished the former. But who do they work for?


The republicans are the direct pawns of the super wealthy; for simplicity, we could call them 'the bilderbergs'. And the democrats are complicit in this deceitful game as well. Their part is to provide a diversion; a comic relief if this weren't such a real tragedy. But there should be no doubt about it, the professional democrats and republicans ultimately work for the same 'masters', and their masters are not us. There are precious few politicians who appear to exist outside the realm of this diseased process.


Also, never before have senators and representatives signed an oath with a private entity which supercedes their oath of office, as does the oath with Grover Norquist. This particular business would also be hysterical, if it wasn't such a real tragedy. This oath has clearly violated their oath of office. Yet, not a single case for impeachment has been initiated. – Not for the oath signers, nor for those congressmen who publicly declared themselves willing to destroy the country just to gain control of the Whitehouse. What is in that house that is so damned important they are willing to destroy millions of lives for it?


All that is pretty much true. But there is obviously more to it. In addition to those we've called the bilderbergs, there are sub-classes of sycophants and leeches who do much of the economic dirty work; like bogus banking, investing, insurance and other monetary crap that just sucks the money and the life out of working people's lives. I saw a you tube video of some wonderful little feces who makes hundreds of millions from insider trading and outsourcing jobs, who has the audacity to tell honest people to get a 'real job'. WT...?  He should be shoveling manure or teaching in a city; then he'd know what a real job is. –To be fair, not everyone who works for the banks, investment firms, insurance companies, oil companies, mining companies, pharmaceutical companies, health care conglomerates, legal firms, government, etc… is corrupt. In fact, most of us, who might be considered the rank and file employees of many of these 'institutions', are reasonably honest people just trying to make our way in the universe.


So now what do we do? What can we do? Civil War? Who would be fighting whom? The bilderbergs may have planned this all along, and would, perhaps, like us to fight between ourselves; using divisional misnomers like The Left verses The Right, or dems verses repubs. But the truth as I've already noted is that the elected democrats and republicans are totally complicit in destroying the economy itself. Anyone who still professes allegiance to the dems or repubs needs to pause for a minute. – pull that punch back and realize it's all been a freakin lie..! -  Or at least it has been a lie long enough to accomplish the task at hand. While many of us believed in the illusion that these two parties actually existed, the professional dems and repubs had been working together, covertly, behind the curtains at the behest of their puppet masters to destroy the world….  Ahh ha ha ha... (sinister laugh…)


Again it would be comical were it not such a real tragedy... WT..?


So, this should all be close enough to the truth to get a grasp on it, but what can we do? – We should not fight among ourselves. - Although it's getting tougher every single day. There are more of us every day who are getting desperate just to survive. Violence for money and for food will continue to increase until we change something…


Since all of us in the working classes are gravitating towards the same situations, we should really try to help each other. And this includes the police, and the armed services. It would be easy to get caught on the wrong side of the middle of this… Police and servicemen all take an oath to serve the people of this country, but can easily forget that, when the bilderbergs can keep them employed just long enough to maintain the illusion, vilify, and quiet the honest voices, while keeping the 'bergers' insulated from the anxst. Make no mistake about this either, they will lay off many police, servicemen and women when they are finished 'using them'. (I worked for 19 years with police, active and retired servicemen in security and crowd management. I have some real empathy and sincere respect for all those in an honest uniform.) Many could remain employed as private mercenaries, but I hope most resist that temptation. We are your brothers and sisters, you are us, and we are you, and we have all been used.


And anxst it is. Frustration, confusion, disinformation, all manner of BS. – Which brings to light another substantial complicity. – Wittingly or not, all the major media has been co-opted exactly like the democrats and republicans. The right wing media advocates directly for the bergers and the left wing media acts as the foil. Together they reinforce the division between us and have been maintaining the two party illusion. – If by chance you don't believe this part of it, take note of the advertisers on both left wing and right wing media outlets, and you will see; other than a few anomalies, they are simply two sides of the same coin. – Hollywood too…


Ah Crap, more anxst! But I'd rather deal with the truth, then fight amongst ourselves just to maintain the illusion so a bunch of rich #$#%^&s can have a party and build underground bunkers at our expense…But to be fair here, had I been born rich, I can only hope I would have pursued an honest path, rather than blindly following suit…  


Well, now what? –


We have to work together to help each other exist, and bypass the whole sea of Crap that those #$#%^&s created. Of course in all fairness, we've been complicit in this as well. We got drawn into the illusion ourselves; believed we could prosper or at least get by if we played along… - Ah crap! The truth is a pain in the ass…


Now what?


Personally, I need to get together with people smarter than I am. – And people with some different ideas. I know we can find ways of helping each other through this. We have far more in common than our differences. I know we can apply creative, new and old cooperative methods. The OWS participants are doing just that. - Our forefathers did that as well. People during the great depression did it. Guys like Jesus and Einstein walked this earth before us. Let's just ignore all the politicians, the major media, the corrupt bosses, the sycophants, the leeches and the bilderbergs. If we can find ways to help each other through this, those people just might change, if we can show them what is possible…


Peace.. Game on…

– good luck to all of us…