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The Earth is Speaking…

I think of myself as a native American. I was born here. Though I am not a natural born American Indian, nor did I endure the taking of their people’s lands and what has since followed…

But I was born on this land. I am from this land and of this land. I love this land and all the animals: the coyotes, foxes, wolves, deer, rabbits, birds: the hawks, owls… and the big trees: the Oak, Elm, Ash, Pine… and the tall grasses, the swamps, the streams, the lakes and rivers and the oceans, the mountains and the North Wind…

Perhaps those of us having been lucky enough to feel close to the Earth have borne witness to her changing. I think we all understand that the Earth’s habitable surface is in distress. All our animal brothers are in trouble, as is our species. I think at some level, everyone senses this…     There is a lot we may yet accomplish on our children’s behalf…

 Ideas for getting the Lease Renewed:

“In order to attempt the preservation of a habitable Earth environment, we must change elements of what we do. Changing what we do is Economics.1

So much of what we do is governed by the economic environment we are immersed in. It is very much, “the world that is pulled down over our eyes”2.  – Yet, I’ve heard many people talk about The Economy as though it were something real and concrete, and somehow completely understandable to some yet unknown panel of incredibly well rounded and amazing experts…

I believe that a modern economy is largely an illusion we’ve bought into. – And I also believe a much better illusion is possible...

If life in America is a game, then we have been playing Monopoly for a long time. And the puppeteers have won. – If you happen to be among them, then you have won. The game, however, is still going on, though nearly all the outcomes have already been decided. And just like in the board game, as the end approaches, the players who have no major holdings continue to roll the dice, hoping only to stave off their inevitable bankruptcy as long as possible…

Today, around Oct 1st 2010, in the United States about one person per minute is driven out of the game through a foreclosure, the loss of a job, or a bankruptcy. And ultimately, we all will pay for this, with our ability to make rational decisions diminishing as confusion, fear and chaos rise. The working class has become Soilent Green for the very wealthy, and we are fast disappearing as the game draws towards its uncertain and unplanned conclusion.

What I hope for, and am working towards, is an audience with some of the truly wealthy movers and shakers. I am just delusional enough to believe I could convince anyone, in about 45 minutes, that this New Game is not only far more viable than our current economic model, but would also be much better for the exceptionally wealthy, for an indefinite period of time.

Here’s the simplified idea: The winners of the last game are offered special tax-deferred government bonds that could establish the “bank” for the next game. If the new game is successful at all, - if it simply survives, these investors are rich forever.

Thanks in large measure to some of the winners of the old game; we have incredibly advanced and far-reaching technological capabilities, as well as many other infrastructural resources and brilliant ideas. Were we to simply merge the best and most important elements of what has been achieved with the best flexible, regenerative-economic principles we can conceive, I believe we could stop much of the bleeding and begin to regenerate many critical ecological structures.

We all know that we cannot change overnight, nor can we do it without a well thought out procedure. The procedure that we might agree upon might not be unlike the shutting down and rebooting of a computer. – All the essential structural elements of the military, police, food supply, health care and communications would, obviously, remain intact during any rebooting process. And before any rebooting could actually take place, all the players (citizens) would require time to contemplate their role(s) in The New Game.

Unlike the old game, the Aim of the new one cannot be driving the other players out of existence. The goal of The New Game would, logically, be a sustainable Earth habitat for humans and all connected species3

Onward Ho…

Structurally and logistically we can build a successful economy based on conservation and mitigation. There is more than enough work to do, and enough out-of work professionals to help us build what needs to be built, rebuild what needs rebuilding, and dismantle what needs to be re-invented or replaced. And even though this should significantly reduce our demand and our load on the resource systems, we may still need more oil-rig workers and coal-site workers than we already have to properly extract where we’ve already bored and drilled, and perpetually maintain the environmental integrity around all of the pipes that run into and out of all these holes we’ve dug. – And that is only a small piece of the iceberg of jobs that are in a conservation-based economy.5

The economic models that I, and countless others, have been working on for a conservation / mitigation-based economy can employ many more people and, by all rational estimations, be far more efficient, effective and inspirational for the entire nation, and the world. And This New Game is really not much different from the old one; primarily just a shift in investment priorities, along with a few common sense corrections6.

And The Game would not be declared over till we had achieved its objective; that of a Sustainable Planetary Society. – Or if you prefer, a long-term lease for Apartment Earth...

Well that's about enough for now. There are footnotes in this transcript, that don't appear in the audio, which may clarify a thing or two. And after some of the dust has settled from our bizarre mid-term elections, I will post further notions regarding politics, economics and the environment in the Rants & Reasons section of

I don't think I can stop until someone like me gets an audience with some of the true movers and shakers of this world. I believe a rational coalition of top-down and bottom-up progressive thinkers is absolutely critical to our hopes for the future. If we Can put our heads together, then possibilities can become realities.

All of us together, Under the Same Sun.




1. 2006

2. from The Matrix 1999

3. {Aside: - If that notion seems implausible to some, then I would suggest those people may still firmly believe that our current economic practices are somehow immutable, like concrete. It follows that they may also believe humans are incapable of solving real problems. In the world of our perception there may only be two kinds of problems: Real Problems and Fascist Problems4.}

4. (This notion introduced to me by a post-doctoral physicist) A Real Problem is, perhaps, one that truly threatens a person’s or a species’ life or health, or on a less imperative issue, one that can and need be addressed using pure logic. A Fascist Problem is generated from the human pursuit of power. Political Power and the power associated with monetary wealth are to varying degrees quantifiable, and therefore, tangible in the world of men; however, they are ultimately based on the illusions that have been accepted by society at large, and may therefore be illusions themselves… I claim that much of our desire for power is driven by fundamental insecurities; which may have been important to the survival of our species during its infancy, but are now among the primary contributors to the destruction of our own habitat. Certainly not all, but many of the illusions we have accepted have already proved to be extremely counter-productive. Just consider what the illusions of power have done to the minds, hearts and souls of our politicians, lawyers and other power brokers ..  “Ah Crap”7 ..

 5. For more examples of potential, sustainable jobs see: Alien Papers 4B

6. For some examples of common sense ideas see: Alien Papers 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5

7. Krusty the Clown

PS. I should mention that I don’t have anywhere near all the answers. My talent is in staying close to the heart of a project, and helping groups of people towards cooperative, effective problem solving for real problems.  Also; my use of the word “puppeteers” is not meant to be offensive or derogatory. I feel it is a useful analogy.

Let’s Rock..

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Return of the "Landlord"



Message to the world: Another Dream.

I had a dream. In the dream I sat down at my computer, clicked on my inbox and an e-mail opened up by itself. I clicked to close it, but it stayed open. There was no return address, nor anything in the subject heading, but the body of the e-mail read, “The Landlord is coming back. He’s coming on December 21st 2012, and He’s leaving on Feb. 19th 2013.  He’s going to decide whether or not to renew the lease for Apartment Earth.” And then it read, “Take a moment to absorb this.”  – Which I didn’t, I threw my hands up and asked, “What is this? Who’s it from?”  (laughing slightly)

Then more writing appeared: “This may sound crazy, but we’ve decided to run this message through you, because we thought you might just be crazy enough to do something about it”.

( Laughing), alright,

  So (I said), who is We? And why don’t you just talk through everybody’s computer, and everybody’s TV and everybody’s radio, cell phone and i-pod?  Again more writing: “There are many of us here, and we will help you in subtle ways. The reasons we can’t be more direct are a bit complicated, and don’t translate to your primary language.”

OK, uh.. alright,..  but you still haven’t told me who “The Many” are and what it is you want me to do?

More Writing,

“Among the many, and there are many, are Buddha, Einstein, Jesus, and your father. And we just want you to think about it for a moment; The Landlord, God, is coming back to Earth in two years and two months. We just want you to think about that. What do you think His assessment might be?”

To which, I uttered, “Holy Crap!”…   If this is true we’re screwed with a capital S! We’ve been driving species extinct at a rampant pace for at least the last 50 years, and we’re off the scale now. We’re on course to destroy all that is good about human civilization, and in the process, wipe out nearly every species, in our path. God is gonna be freakin’ pissed!  He’s gonna be unbelievably pissed!

They responded, “So what do you usually do, when you know your landlord’s coming through?”


I said, “Clean up the place. …”    and they responded, “Yes – Clean up the place…”

I started laughing out loud, this was so off the wall. .. To which, they replied, “That’s good, you’ve said for decades, “How serious can a person be without a sense of humor?” (Which is part of my repertoire)

Then they spelled it out: “About 24 years ago, you wrote papers about “Schools for Planetary Maintenance”, and “A Water-Based Economy”. You proposed a graduate project about modeling Earth as a cell to show the effect on the environment due to human expansion and economics. Your resume to a group of environmental professionals was rejected because they, mistakenly, thought you were making fun of them. You didn’t talk to anybody about that, but it threw you off-balance. And the events of your life, then led you where they led.

But don’t despair, you have learned much, and now is the time to apply it. We know that you never stopped learning about Earth, and love and life, and all the insecurities that drive you, your people and all mankind.

We know that you have worked your way through many logistics, towards the essence of communication. Slowly overcoming your own fears and misgivings, you connected with a coyote for 13 years that connected you ever deeper to the Earth, The Sun, the Universe, and the spiritual energy that comes in so many forms.”  It was signed lower case “hmv...”

-         then I knew my father was there, and the tears welled up…

I paused to catch myself, and they said, “Just write it. Write down everything you think is important. Your appeal to the billionaires of the world: Tell them about your vision of a “New Game”. Tell them that we have the resources, the technology, the brain power, and we do have the ability to work together to get this apartment on the path towards clean. We can’t clean it all the way up in two years, but we can address the critical issues and put an economic structure in place that becomes the path towards clean. And, the landlord, God, might not be displeased…

This time, many of the billionaires of the world may listen. The old Monopoly game is fatally flawed; It’s no longer a cycle, it’s a spiral. And without a realistic course correction, the game will spiral all the way down. Many sense this. – The Old Game never accounted for exponential population growth, and the exponential ramifications of that inertia on all essential resources.  The Old Game is over, except for the realization. But with your economic outline, they could be wealthy for whatever forever means in human terms. There is only one way out now, and it is to be All the Way In. Every human on Earth is living in an environment that is becoming increasingly toxic, chaotic and unsafe. No matter what any of us believes, we are all in this together, and together is the only way we have a chance of cleaning up this apartment in time.

Every moment from this point forward is important. We have a long way to go. However, if we can break through to the level of communication and cooperation that is possible, we can transform our chaotic world of people into an entire planet working towards a common goal. – We can do this. Just throw out everything you think you know about limitations and economics. Clear your mind. The Earth is Speaking, We just have to Listen…"


Another Dream